We offer you competitive compensation, benefits and growth opportunities.

Salary and Welfare

1) Every employee enjoys one to two salary-raising opportunities and annual bonuses every year.

2) Purchase five insurance policies for employees and add commercial insurance for special jobs;

3) Subsidies for housing, communications, transportation and catering are provided according to the grade of employees.

4) Select excellent employees quarterly/annually and give them cash incentives;

5) Gifts and catering supplies for festivals;

6) Employees can enjoy state statutory holidays, annual leave, marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, etc.

7) The company has a dining hall and dormitory to provide a rich dining and accommodation environment for employees.


Recreational activities

1) The company has a table tennis room, billiards room, gym and other recreational facilities.

2) Organize recreational activities regularly and award awards to the winners.

3) Hold annual Spring Festival Gala and provide rich prizes and lottery opportunities;

4) Travel is organized irregularly.


Training and development

Under the guidance of the company's talent strategy, we formulate personalized career development plan for employees, and set up a multi-channel promotion model of specialty, management and marketing, so that employees can better realize the combination of their own value and company value on the basis of personal interests and expertise. At the same time, we also pay attention to the cultivation of the quality and spirit of employees, so that their personality can be improved, their quality and skills can be improved, and they can grow into pillars of the country and society.